Ground Level

The ground level of Casa de Toro, both inside and outside, is the utility level.


The ground level walls of the casa enclose important utility conveniences.   One half of the area — behind the iron bars (one of the few remaining aspects of the original cabin) — is the owners' private garage area.  The other half, which is reachable by stairs from the level above, is the laundry room with a Bosch washing machine, a Bosch clothes dryer, a clothes drying rack, a clothes steamer, a steam iron and an ironing board.   We provide the detergent and dryer sheets, you supply the clothes.  There are also a few tools in case you need them for a little project.



A covered parking area under the deck on the river side of the casa is large enough to protect 2 cars from the elements.  That's really nice in the winter when there is a sudden snow storm and you don't have to clean the snow off your car to go to the slopes!  

On the front side of the casa is another uncommon convenience: a winch.  This 400-pound capacity electric winch and its basket are great for lifting luggage, groceries, firewood, etc. from the third ground level parking area to the main living area.  (A block and tackle pulley system is also available for easily lifting luggage from the front deck to the loft deck.)  

For those who like to grill steaks, hamburgers, or the fish they caught that day, there is a twin-burner gas grill under the spacious front deck.  Plenty of firewood is also stacked up under the front deck and close to the winch basket.  

For summer visitors that want some water when they're outside, there is a water hydrant at the end of the front parking area.  Speaking of water, the newly revitalized water well produces pure, clean, delicious, cold water year 'round.  The wastewater is collected in two holding vaults on the back of the casa and are emptied when necessary.