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Taos Area Fish

Brook Trout

Light wavy lines on back. White edge on front of lower fins. Dark body with yellow spots and red spots with halos on sides.

Brown Trout

Abdomen usually yellow. Large black spots and smaller red-orange spots with halos on sides.

Native Cutthroat Trout

Native and The State Fish of New Mexico. Red slash marks below jaw. Large, dark irregular spots, mostly near tail.

Native Gila Trout

Dark olive-green along back, shading to golden-yellow belly. Small black spots.

Kokanee Salmon

Spawning Male: Long snout, hooked jaws and arched back. Sides turn pinkish red to orange.

Kokanee Salmon

Female: Bluish green along back, silvery sides. Pinkish red to orange hue on sides when spawning.

Lake Trout

Light to dark green with white, irregular spots on head, body, and most of tail. Indented tail fin.

Rainbow Trout

Numerous black spots on silver body. Pink streak along sides.